Sod house Firdgum

The repaired sod house of Firdgum was re-opend November 6th, 2015. It is a reconstruction of an early medieval sod house. The house belongs to the archaeologicalinformation centre in the Yeb local Hettinga Museum and may be visited during the opening hours. 

Thesis Peter Vos

Peter Vos defended June 10 2015 in Utrecht his thesis on the origin of the Dutch coastal landscape. New versions of his paleogeographic maps are part of the thesis. Price for members of the society 58.

Thesis Annet Nieuwhof

Annet Nieuwhof defended June 8, 2015 in Groningen her thesis 'Eight human skulls in a dung heap and more. Ritual practice in the terp region of the northern Netherlands 600 BC - AD 300'. Deceased persons were excarnated by dogs; human bones were used in ancestral rituals.  Price for members of the society 35.


Johan Nicolay published a new book about the function of gold and silver gifts and kingship in the Early Middle Ages in the Netherlands and adjacent areas. Barkhuis Publishing

Two books about Ezinge

The book En dan in hun geheel; de vondsten uit de opgravingen in de wierde Ezinge (ed. A. Nieuwhof) presents and dates the finds of the famous 1923-34 excavations bij A.E. van Giffen. Ezinge, IJkpunt in the archeologie presents photographs and plans of the excavations.


A replica of an early medieval sod house opened June 2013 in Firdgum (Friesland' at the  Yeb Hettinga Museum. The sods came from the undiked salt marsh. A film in two parts about the construction of the house was made recently. The film contains comparisons with Icelandic and Scottish sodhouses.


Daniël Postma gave a new view on the building of early medieval farm houses on terpen. You may download it here (in Dutch language).


Three exhibitions on the archaeology of Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland will take place in Emden Groningen (21-09-2013 until 09-02-2014), Assen (12-10-2013 until 05-01-2014) and Leeuwarden (13-09-2013 until 30-8-2015). 

Table of contents of Newsletter 18

(The newsletter Van Wierden en Terpen is written in Dutch)

Zodenhuis Firdgum krijgt steeds meer gestalte

Terp Berlikum aangekocht door provincie Fryslân
Sieraden bevatten almandijn uit India en Oost-Afrika
In memoriam dr. Jurjen Bos
Publieksruimte bij depot bodemvondsten in Nuis
Land van Ontdekkingen
De weinig bekende wierdenvorser W.K.J. Schoor

Land of Discoveries

These four exhibitions show the results of an extensive research programme, in which archaeologists from Ostfriesland, Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe participated. This programme, called Land of Discoveries, was co-financed by the EU as part of the INTERREG-IV A-programme Deutschland-Nederland. It was supported by the Ems-Dollard Region (EDR).

A comprehensive catalogue, subsidized by the association, written in German and Dutch, accompanies these exhibitions.